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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Video Walkthrough: Holiday Problem Solving

I had a request to post these holiday problems.  Here they are...enjoy.
Try to solve them, and then watch the video walkthrough for the solution. 

Mrs. Jones has a hidden talent. It's yodeling! She loves to yodel when students aren't around, filling the halls of her school with the sound of music. That's right, the halls are alive with the sound of music. Anyhow, she can say, "Yodel-ay-he-hoo!" 63 times per minute. How many times can she say, "Yodel-ay-he-hoo!" in her 39 minute break?

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen proudly and majestically pull this famous guy's sleigh. They are all led by the most famous reindeer of all...Rudoph! My question for you is, how many hovering hooves are their all together?

Rudolph is knitting antler warmers for the rest of the reindeer squad. He is trying to calculate how many antler points there are. If half of the team have 8 points each and half have six points each, how many antler points are there in total?

On the day after Christmas vacation, the town of Santaville received a record 13 feet of snow. That's higher than most of Santaville school!

1)How many inches of snow is that?

2)If we received 6 inches of snow per hour, how long did it take for all 13 feet of snow to accumulate?

The jolly old elf himself gained 39 pounds just from eating milk and cookies on his travels around the globe. If there are 16 ounces per pound, how much weight in ounces did he gain?

Santa and his favorite and most jolly elves Mr. Smith and Mr. Marinich had a sled race down Holiday Mountain. Santa finished the course in 33.7 seconds. Mr. Smith finished in 31.09 seconds. Mr. Marinich finished in 31.9 seconds (What can I say, I stopped for some hot chocolate!). Who finished in first, second, and third places? How much faster was Mr. Smith than Santa?

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.  Have fun, stay safe, and be in good health. 
Mr. Marinich ;*)

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  1. Correction for the first solution "Mrs. Jones says, "yodel-ay-he-hoo"....times"